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Who we are!

Takeout Online was designed & created by Oleg Moskalensky of Productive Computer Systems, an IT Consulting & Development firm, in 2001. We had a number of restaurant clients and thought it made sense to enable them to offer their customers this convenience.

In 2010 we had an opportunity to test providing deliveries and have been doing so ever since.

We've always concentrated (still do) on trying to provide something different, something more efficient & thus effective, for both participating restaurants and their clients. For example many similar services use call centers, with much more infrastructure & overhead, as well as inefficient processing approach due to a number of people involved in each transaction. Takeout Online has a completely streamlined transaction process where the entire process is completely automated. Customers order at their own pace. Once the order is submitted - it's immediately emailed and/or faxed to the restaurant & any other entities that need to have a copy, including immediate notification to the driver (if delivery is selected). The customer is emailed a confirmation with details and totals. Typically restaurant has the order within seconds (or a couple of minutes, if it's a fax).

Many people dislike the inconvenience of setting up logins and passwords, so we designed Takeout Online to ask for relevant contact info at the end of the order, and made most of it optional, so an order can be placed with as little info as someone's name. Customers really like & appreciate the simplicity & speed of ordering. They go through 2 screens: menu screen with dish selections and payment/contact screen to complete the order.

Right now we're working on a related new product, which we're very excited about. We'll share more when we release it... soon :)

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