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Terms of Service

Takeout Online is a 3rd Party provider of online ordering and (optionally) delivery for local restaurants.

You can use the service for online order, however since we do not control the participating restaurants in any way, we cannot guarantee the quality of food, speed of food creation & delivery, nor answer any questions related specifically to any restaurant's policies or operations.

Takeout Online is a service to be used AS IS. Takeout Online will not be responsible for any ordering mistakes, food issues, nor any consequences of using the service.

If an order has a problem and it is Takeout Online's fault - we will do everything possible to make things right, within the limitations that we have to work in. However, we cannot and will not be held responsible for any problems that are caused by restaurants or customers.

Refunds Policy

If a customer requests a refund - we will issue a refund accordingly. However, refunds can only be requested in certain situations. If an order is placed and the customer wishes to cancel it for any reason, a request for the refund must be received by the restaurant and then by Takeout Online within 5 minutes of the order. As long as the order hasn't been started by the restaurant - full refund will be issued. If the request comes after 5-min timeframe, we will need to get authorization from the restaurant prior to issuing the refund.

If there was a problem with the order - a possible refund will be issued, depending on the nature of the problem, whose fault it was and other criteria. In such cases refund will be issued solely based on Takeout Online's determination of the situation at hand. Takeout Online LLC reserves the right to determine the final outcome of a refund request, including possible denial of the request.

If you are not satisfied with your order, for any reason, please contact Takeout Online and/or the Restaurant in question, for a resolution.

If you have any questions about Takeout Online LLC policies - please do not hesitate to contact Takeout Online at your convenience.

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